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Cerealogy E-Juice

Cerealogy E-Juice

Find the Cerealogy store for Wholesale breakfast club E-juice and E-liquid Flavors, Cosmic Fog, Nicotine, Cuttwood, Ruthless

The Future and the History of E-Juice

What is E-Juice?

E-Juice is a popular food items in USA. It's used mixture in vapor products like e-cigarettes, water, propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and flavorings.Therefore, instead of the user inhaling the traditional smoke containing elements of tobacco and nicotine, the user here inhales an aerosol released by the e-liquid when it is atomized by a heating element in the e-cigarette activated by the pressing of a button or by user’s inhalation.

In appearance, some like the traditional cigarettes, but they -due to the dynamic nature of competition in the market- come in different variations.  Some are re-useable, and others are disposable (these are referred to as the first-generation cigar-likes). They have a charger and a USB port that enables the user to plug the e-cigarette into electricity. The aerosol provides a feeling and a sensation similar to the traditional tobacco smoking session.  Through the use of the e-juice in the new technology attributed to the Chinese Pharmacist, Hon Lik, who took inspiration from the loss of his father to lung cancer, the adverse effects to the user and the bystanders from the traditional tobacco smoking sessions have been greatly reduced.  However, the long-term effects remain uncertain.

Breakfast club e-juice

Breakfast club e-juice

Chemical Composition

The e-juice comes with many variations differing in nicotine strengths and many other flavors.  However, the primary constituents are propylene glycol (which is used as the base carrier chemical with or without glycerin), glycerin, flavorings and also most often, nicotine in a liquid state.  It can be made with or without the nicotine, with > 90% containing varying amounts nicotine levels.  Typically, the liquid contains 95% propylene and glycerin, and 5% being flavorings and nicotine. Here, the flavors are numerous that provide the user with a variety of choices. Some of the companies include Cerealogy E-Juices and Ruthless. Some of the products in the market include 2Canz, El Captain, Chef’s Crunch, Apple Smax, Cake Pop, Pale Whale, Loire, Dossier, Flavius, Artist Collection, AV8 and many more.

Effects and Conclusion

Flaws are always present during the design of the e-cigarettes that are used with the e-liquid.  For example, in devices modified to increase battery power, there are risks of battery explosions due to an increase in internal temperatures. In such incidences, the user was, can be or will be subjected to aggravated or severe skin burns. Since the e-liquid is put in a metal chamber, the risk of contamination of the liquid is possible. On the other, the vast effects associated with traditional tobacco are reduced to a great extent since the e-cigarette vapor contains minimal toxin levels and reduced concentrations of harmful substances. This evidence suggests that they produce less harmful effects than cigarette smoke. In conclusion, the choice of whether or not to use an e-juice solely depends on the user and his/her sensational requirements.  However, it is important to note that, as a health benefit, advantage, then the right way would be to use the e-liquid.

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